Associate of Ministry


High school diploma or equivalent.


  • Minimum of 60 credit hours
  • Maximum Advanced Standing: 9 hours


Our goal is to see to it that no student will be denied access to biblical higher education due to financial constraints. TTS does not charge tuition based on credit hours, or program of study. In order to remain sustainable, TTS charges a small processing fee for application (onetime $50), and learning assessment and technology .

  • Onetime application fee: $50
  • Learning assessment and technology fees: $65 per course
  • Graduation Fees: $175
  • Transcript: $15
  • Students take up to (2) courses per 8 week quarter
  • Textbooks:
    • Transfiguration Theological Seminary is part of the Open Educational Resources (OER) movement. We take Open Educational Resources and incorporate them into our curriculum learning modules. Additionally, the majority of textbooks our students use are OER as well. Open Educational Resources are teaching, learning, and research resources that reside in the public domain or have been released under an intellectual property license that permits their free use or re-purposing by others for academic purposes.The cost of textbooks (average $20 – $25 per course) and are not covered in the fees listed above.


Associate Courses

  • BTH100 Introduction to the Bible
  • BTH101 Understanding the OT
  • BTH102 Understanding the NT
  • BTH103 Summary of Christian Doctrine
  • BTH104 Praying With Power
  • BTH105 Personal Evangelism Disciple
  • BTH106 Christian Living
  • BTH107 Foundations of Leadership
  • BTH108 Starting and Leading a Small Group
  • BTH109 Preparing For Christian Min.
  • BTH110 Field Mission
  • BTH201 Christian Education in the Church
  • BTH202 Christian Ministry
  • BTH203 The Gospels
  • BTH204 The Pentateuch
  • BTH205 Historical Books
  • BTH207 Intro to Church Governance
  • BTH208 Fundamentals of Biblical Exegesis
  • BTH209 Introduction to Missiology
  • BTH210 Field Mission

Courses Description